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Shop at home: carpet sales and installation in San Jose, CA

Choosing the right flooring installation is overwhelming enough. There are so many decisions that have to be made and you’re also tired, headachy, hungry, not to mention your feet and back hurt. Why not shop from the comfort of your home? Our experts would love to bring the showroom to you, plus you’ll see how the products will really look in your home.

Affordable Carpets and More! has been in operation for over 40 years. We have a full inventory and the best flooring installers in San Jose, CA. Some people do love to come to a physical location, while others want to see the product in their home with their own furnishings. We specialize in Shop At Home, which making shopping for floors easy. Request a free in-home estimate today and receive:

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Selecting the right flooring means exploring your lifestyle

The product should be aligned with your lifestyle. Questions you should ask are: Is my family large or small? Do I entertain frequently? Do I have pets? How important is it for me to have a super-easy floor to clean? What’s my budget?

The room in which it’s to be installed is critical to consider. Is the room light and airy or small, dark, and cramped? How much natural light is in the room? Does it get hot?

The great thing about our shop at home option is that we can see the room ourselves and guide you to the right decision. We might see the dog that you forgot to mention to us running around the house. We might see all the plants and wood and see that your style leans toward the more rustic.

Detecting color shifts

One of the interesting, but frustrating, things about interior design is that colors look one way in one light, but very different in another. Even the other room’s colors can slightly change your floor’s color. Colors tend to mimic each other. With a shop-at-home option, you’ll see how everything reacts to your surroundings.

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Shop at home flooring manufacturers

Affordable Carpets & More! work with some of the industry’s top flooring brands. Click on the shop at home flooring manufacturers’ logo to visit their websites and learn more about the many color and texture options available. We will order any option for your next project for you!

Find your perfect flooring in San Jose, CA

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